Jan 11th, 2018
Go Sam! He won the Golden Globes and hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend!

Jan 1st, 2018
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🎉🚀❤️ #happynewyear #2018 #frogprince

Dec 26th, 2017
“[The Jellies] has the carefree violence, sexual weirdness and surreal tenor of the Adult Swim brand, but the episodes I've seen tend toward an agreeable, even a sentimental resolution, somewhere between hip-hop satire and O. Henry.”

Let's get animated: The cartoons we'll keep watching in 2018

Dec 22nd, 2017
Happy Happy! 🎄⛄️🎁🕎👹 #seasonsgreetings #merrychristmas #happyholidays #happyhanukkah #happynewyear #thejellies

Dec 17th, 2017
Adult Swim

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